RAK Warranty & Quality

RAK Lifetime Limited Warranty

Our Lifetime Limited Warranty Covers: Edge chipping of the rims on flat chinaware pieces during ordinary or normal foodservice usage. The pieces included are: plates, soup/pasta plates, platters and saucers. Collections covered by the limited warranty are: Access, Anna, Banquet, Classic GourmetLeon, Metropolis, Nano, Playa, Rondo, Ska and banquet weight flat items from the Neofusion Collection.

Our Limited Warranty Does NOT Cover: Breaking or cracking of any RAK chinaware pieces damaged from abnormal or abusive usage. We reserve the right to determine whether or not the edge chipping is from normal foodservice use. Collections not covered by the limited warranty are: Allspice, B. Concept, Buffet, Chef’s Fusion, Neofusion, Fine Dine, Giro, Marea, Mazza, Minimax, Nabur and White Gold.

Our Claims Procedures: RAK will replace, at no charge, pieces under the warranty that are found to be defective with identical or equivalent replacement pieces on a one-to-one basis. RAK representatives reserve the right to inspect each piece to determine if the
damage meets the limited warranty coverage criteria.

Please have available, for review by our RAK representative, a copy of your original invoice showing the invoice date as mentioned above. Our RAK representative and regional management will determine the proper next steps to resolve any claim as soon as possible.


qual 1
Oven + 300 °C

The RAK oven safe porcelain gradually increases in temperature to ensure gentle cooking of food meaning your dishes will keep their flavour longer.


qual 2

RAK porcelain ensures cooking or quick reheating without altering the taste or flavour of your dishes.


qual 3Holding of temperature

Once put on the table the dishes keep their heat ensuring the content remains at the right temperature giving you the time to enjoy it.


qual 4Dishwasher

The RAK porcelain’s smooth enamel is quick and easy to clean. Thanks to the quality, your tableware will stay as new for a long time.


qual 5Mechanical shock

The exceptional hardness of the RAK porcelain ensures it is highly chip and shock resistant. It is therefore very easy to stack.


qual 6Thermal shock

From the freezer to the microwave, RAK porcelain withstands differences in temperature thanks to the exceptional hardness of its material making it highly thermal shock resistant.


qual 7100% Hygiene

RAK cooking porcelain is a 100% natural, guaranteed lead-free product. It is non-porous and does not absorb grease, odours or bacteria ensuring you optimum hygiene.