About RAK

rak-per1-034In the 12 short years since its establishment as a new initiative by the world’s largest ceramics manufacturer, in Ras al Khaimah in the UAE, RAK Porcelain has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most accomplished tableware manufacturers.

With a philosophy of excellence and vision of supplying the world’s most discerning customers, RAK Porcelain has built a presence in more than 135 countries globally.

Being a sister company of RAK Ceramics,the world’s largest ceramic manufacturer, RAK Porcelain was able to draw on a core of professional talent in its drive to offer superior quality products to the HORECA segment at value for money prices.

As part of our vision, we have grown our production capacity to 25 million pieces per annum. All our products meet stringent US and European certifications.

Alongside its aesthetic and functional aspects, the brand’s quality/price ratio constitutes one of its main propositions. All RAK Porcelain products are made from premium raw materials using world class, state of the art machinery from Europe for the manufacture of top-of-the-range porcelain.

Supported by a team of table art experts and world-renowned designers and surrounded by a solid network of professional distributors, RAK Porcelain creates collections that can withstand sustained handling both in the kitchen and on the table. Recognized manufacturing expertise combined with precise firing temperatures, the vitrification of the material and the composition of the porcelain elements combine to strengthen the enamel, delivering increased chip resistance and a greater resistance to repeated industrial dishwashing cycles. Products in the RAK Porcelain collections are perfectly suited to the demands of the Horeca industry.

The enhanced durability of RAK Porcelain products ensures greater longevity – a fact appreciated by professionals throughout the hotel and catering industry.

Amongst the company’s key designers are some of world’s finest.

Gemma Bernal is one such, and is one of RAK Porcelain’s key designers. She spends her professional life in design, thinking of products in a different light. In her opinion, ideas and design proposals arise out of multidisciplinary conception and a close relationship with the right people. She splits her work life between design creation and design teaching, an endeavor that requires her to analyse, explain and communicate her own vision. Gemma has worked with various renowned chefs sharing a Mediterranean vision, and she has found inspiration in young chefs and professional reviewers seeking different approaches in culinary activities. Gemma designed two beautiful collections, named Marea and Giro, developed by RAK Porcelain. Marea is designed to enhance culinary presentation and Giro is based on geometric shapes and forms. The result is an appearance of different sizes, tilted planes and inclinations showcasing the design’s dexterity and originality.

Francoise Boeur has an extensive track record in graphic design and is actively involved in creating deigns for the top hotels in Europe and the Middle East. Francoise has always been guided in her work by producing unique and realistic art. She is active in creating and fully developing custom designs on porcelain tableware for prestigious clients around the world.

Renu Oommen, Chief Marketing Officer of RAK Porcelain, is proud of the company’s achievements and excited about the future. “The success of RAK Porcelain is due to our ability to respond to evolving market demands and to offer a world class product using cutting edge technology. Created in collaboration with chefs, table top designers and industry technical teams, each piece of RAK Porcelain is manufactured with great attention to detail. We consider every aspect from reliability during use, Innovation in shape and quality of craftsmanship, to offer our customers a vivid and immersive dining experience.”

RAK Porcelain