RAK Porcelain at Host-Fiera Milano


RAK Porcelain at Host-Fiera Milano
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From 20 to 24 October 2017, the Host – Fiera Milano will open its doors in Milan. For its 40th edition, the event is confirmed as the absolute leader of the sector Ho.Re.Ca, food, retail, gastronomy and hotel industry. In this context, we discussed with Simona Greco, Exhibition Director Art, Fashion, Hospitality & Travel Exhibitions Department, Fiera Milano.

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”Host dedicates a great deal of attention to tableware solutions, presenting the most original and innovative ideas, without neglecting classical solutions and tradition.“


What innovations should the visitors expect?

Host is a hub for the Ho.Re.Ca world. A real must-attend for all professionals who work in the hospitality industry and a privileged destination to learn about corporate innovations and to understand the latest market trends. During the fair, Milan will become once again the “capital of professional hospitality.” Host will bring together manufacturing sectors and common services, making the most of the specific characteristics of each industry.

How will the 40th anniversary be celebrated?

The fair has become the favourite destination of top players for offering a preview of innovations in technologies in food equipment, food products, formats, design and lifestyle. It is also a unique marketplace for doing a quality international business with professionals who have been carefully selected and who have high-level of purchasing power.

Will a specific topic be highlighted?

In this edition we have a special focus on design. EXIHS (Excellent Italian Hospitality Services) will be back with a new concept designed by architect Dante O. Benini and director Davide Rampello at Arredo & Tavola, the Furniture & Tableware macro-area. It will be some kind of “Biennale”- style performance, a metaphysic space with a wider cultural horizon. The culture and the history of Italy will be celebrated with scenographic videos showing Italy’s beauties and genuine products from its food and wine tradition.

Will other novelties be presented?

We will also have a new design contest, 10 Designers for 100 Products, in collaboration with the POLI. design spin-off of Milan’s Politecnico. Designers will select 100 product solutions for creating new hospitality experiences from among the exhibitors. The creative activity, carried out live, must be connected to concepts that combine service and experience, products offered and living spaces. The exhibition will thus become a “live” creative catalogue for designers, allowing the audience to be actively involved.

How many exhibitors and visitors are expected?

As of today, we have more than 1,500 exhibitors already registered, 41 percent of which international, representing at least 48 countries. We aim at replicating and consolidating the success of the 2015 edition when we experienced a growth of 13.5 percent in terms of the presence of professional visitors, up to 150,968, with 40 percent from abroad.

Which sectors of the industry will be present?

Host puts hospitality front and centre, where space is transformed into ideas and solutions through exclusive formats, concept stores and layouts. Original, functional and enthralling dimensions conceived and implemented in partnership with architects, designers and art directors of international fame, opening up space to creativity in every conceivable direction.

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What, in your opinion, are the new trends in tableware?

Host dedicates a great deal of attention to tableware solutions, presenting the most original and innovative ideas, without neglecting classical solutions and tradition. Materials old and new showcase brand new approaches to this form of expression, providing guidelines for the “well-laid table” of tomorrow: crafts-based plastic and glass, wood and porcelain, all of which share practicality, aesthetics and comply with eco-sustainability requirements.

Are fairs like Host a barometer of the economy?

Absolutely. One of their strengths is to anticipate future macro-economic trends together with evolutions in tastes. For example, several years ago, we have anticipated the growing focus on exports to emerging economies when most of the sector was still looking at mature markets as Europe if not Italy itself. The growing numbers of this edition make us relatively optimistic on the economic outlook in the forthcoming years.

What are your expectations in general?

More than being an on-going process, now the internationalization of Host can be said to be a fact, which can be seen in its size, numbers and quality. The 2015 increase of 13.5 percent in terms of visitors was due to various factors – the focus on supporting companies in all ways over the long-term, the great commitment to scouting abroad – thanks as well to the collaboration with ITA-ICE – and to the synergy with the city and what it represents for “Made in Italy.” This is the successful path taken by Host, and it will also lead us to working to accelerate the internationalization of other exhibitions.



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